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[Infographic] RCS on Android phones: 3 mobile marketing trends that may arise
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[Infographic] RCS on Android phones: 3 mobile marketing trends that may arise

Chatting, sending videos and Emoji with Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or Viber are social media habits that we used to seeing in our daily lives.  Typically, we buy phones, download at least one of these apps and chat with almost anyone we would want to chat with all over the world. According to Informa, since 2013, daily OTT messaging traffic has overtaken daily P2P SMS[1] traffic in terms of volumes. What about sending videos or photos via SMS without any apps? This is what RCS technology might enable in the next years! In February this year, Google partnered with more than 27 carriers and OEMs worldwide to offer a native messaging client for Android phones.

Infographic shows 3 marketing trends may arise in the next years following this change.

In a nutshell

RCS technology is the next generation SMS for Android phones. Apple iOS has already taken this step with iMessage that allows Apple users to send and receive pictures via SMS.  This Google project will be a  game-changer in the mobile industry as Android phones are the  most used phones across the world.

Finally, OTT will still keep one competitive advantage: social network features they have built around messaging apps but also free usage of their services will continue to outperform mobile operators. In short, we did not go on Facebook or Snapchat only to do instant message, but also to comment on pictures, see others’ activities, etc…


[1] SMS sent directly from one mobile operator SMS service, without using any messaging apps



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