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The untapped potential of mobile gaming
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The untapped potential of mobile gaming

Games have always been a part of our society both as a means of recreation and also as a means of socialization. Games especially played by children improve better academic performance, boost self-esteem, improves health and build team work. These are the values that any parent would want to see in their child.

These are the same values that the IT world is basing on to develop digital games (Video games).

These digital games (Video games) can either be:

  • Computer games: are video games played on a personal computer rather than a dedicated video game console or arcade machine.
  • Console games: A “console game” is played on a specialized electronic device that connects to a common television set or composite video monitor, unlike PCs, which can run all sorts of computer programs. Usually consoles only run games developed for it, or games from other platform made by the same company. Major console platforms include Xbox and PlayStation.
  • Handheld games: A “handheld” gaming device is a small, self-contained electronic device that is portable and can be held in a user’s hands. It features the console, a small screen, speakers and buttons, joystick or other game controllers in a single unit. An example is a Nintendo Game boy.
  • Mobile games: A mobile game is a video game played on a feature phone, smartphone, smartwatch, PDA, tablet computer, portable media player or calculator

The main focus for this article will be Mobile games.

Categories of mobile games played include arcade, action, adventure, board, casino, cards, casual, education, music, puzzle, racing, role playing, simulation, sports, strategy and trivia.

Mobile apps usage and mobile gaming potential

Statistics indicated below show the potential in the mobile app business in general.

According to a comscore report, 268 billion mobile downloads will generate an income of $77 billion in 2017. The estimated global mobile app revenue was $35 billion in 2014, $45 billion in 2015, $58 billion in 2016, and a predicted $77 billion in 2017. The statistics indicate that people who fall in the age group of 18 to 24 years of age use more mobile apps than any other group. They are followed closely by 25 to 34 years, 35 to 44 years, 45 to 54 years, and then over 55 years, respectively.

The implication is that businesses that use mobile applications will target the middle generation more than the younger and older generations. These are the age groups that are targeted by the game developers and age appropriate games reach and appeal to the mobile phone users in those age groups.

Women spend more time on the mobile web and mobile apps than men [5]. If you are to notice that the top commercially successful mobile games are downloaded and played by ladies or young girls.


To Mobile Network Operators in the various countries, this serves as a big opportunity to look into.The mobile gaming base is still fairly untapped especially in Africa.

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